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Shine A Light

Keith and Martin Scorsese
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So many of my friends were excited about Shine A Light for the obvious reason, they would get to see the Rolling Stones in IMAX. I’m the dork that wanted to see Shine A Light because I wanted to see what Martin Scorsese would do with a Rolling Stones film. I was not disappointed.

What few people know is that Scorsese received his start in documentary as an editor on the documentary Woodstock; this film came out even before Boxcar Bertha. Scorsese was a natural fit for Shine A Light: who better to handle the legendary Stones than a person just as legendary in another field.

The best part about Shine A Light is that I felt like I was at a Stones concert. The amazing part about the film being in IMAX was that you’re surrounded by the sound of people cheering, singing along and clapping. It feels like you are a part of the concert with Mick and Kieth (and if you’re me worrying about the set list with Marty).

The film owes its beautiful aesthetic to the fact that Scorsese was able to get more than a dozen of the best cinematographers in the business to come out for a night and be camera operators. These cinematographers include Stuart Dryburgh (The Piano), David M. Dunlap (Shaun of the Dead), Robert Elswit (There Will Be Blood), Ellen, Kuras (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Andrew Lesnie (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy), Emmanuel Lubezki (Children of Men), & Declan Quin (Breakfast on Pluto). To make these artists go back to being camera operators would only be possible for the incredible pairing of Scorsese and the Stones.

To sum up my review (as I know it’s rather incoherent) I decided I’d list the things I learned from Shine A Light:
1 – Mick Jagger is the only man who can look straight in a sequined shirt.
2 – Mick Jagger will burn if he stands in front of a light for too long.
3 – The Rolling Stones might be the only people alive who can question or argue with Martin Scorsese.
4 – The Stones & U2 do have something in common: 2 people are the front for the band, and the other 2 just like to wave, smile and be in the band.
5 – It shows when you’re doing what you love.

Director: Martin Scorsese
Starring: The Rolling Stones

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