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Sex & the City

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Of all the big movies coming out this summer Sex & the City was the one movie that I was interested in but had no idea what to expect. I was a fan of the tv show (though I came in late as I do not have HBO), but I was unsure if or how Sex & the City would translate to the big screen. The good news is that it does translate, and does so while staying true to what made the show such a landmark.

Honestly, there are a lot of people who have given Sex & the City flack through the years for being too rude & crude; however, to take a different tack with the same argument I think these critics are ignoring the actual point of the show which is the friendships that are the biggest part of it. The movie, like the show, centers on Carrie but does not short change the other women involved; even though their lives have changed considerably as characters in the ten years since the show began Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte remain as current and colorful as the outfits they wear and they still remain the truest of friends.

This is a movie that does not shy away from the fact that with age these women have changed, their lives have become more complex and nothing has gotten easier. Love and life are the forefront of the story, and all that matters is that you remain loyal to the people that care about you through thick and thin.

The film is directed by Michael Patrick King and shockingly he manages to keep the film on a delicate balance that reminds the viewer of the tv show, but showcases the beauty of the Big Apple in a way that only a theatre screen can do. I was pleasantly surprised at the skill he uses in the crafting of this film as he has only previously directed episodes of the series and the tv series The Comback.

In all, the film is fun, moving and memorable which is more than you can ask of a tv series-turned-film.

Director & Writer: Michael Patrick King
Carrie: Sarah Jessica Parker
Samantha: Kim Cattral
Miranda: Cynthia Nixon
Charlotte: Kristin Davis
Mr. Big: Chris Noth
Harry: Evan Handler
Smith: Jason Lewis
Steve: David Eigenberg
Louise: Jennifer Hudson

Miranda Hobbes: The only two choices for women; witch and sexy kitten.
Carrie Bradshaw: Oh you just said a mouthful there sister.

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