Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I put myself through the pain of Twilight again. I was really hoping that it might be a movie that improved on repeat viewings. I was wrong. It was worse than before. Not only did it point out to me even more that Catherine Hardwicke directed the movie in the dark, but I realized some of the truly horrendous choices she made. I actually got up and went to the bathroom during one scene that was especially painful for me on the first viewing – I never leave the theatre during any film. However, there was one thing I noticed this time that I can’t believe I didn’t notice the first time.

There is a sparkle sound effect.

Fans of the book know that Meyer’s vampire’s don’t burn in the sun but sparkle…Hardwicke gave someone the instruction that this sparkling should have a chime sound effect. Stupidest thing ever.

The one bright spot of the film was as before Billy Burke who plays Charlie Swan. Poor guy had to be put in such a bad movie.

I still hold that I can learn lots from this movie – just not because it’s well put together.


Anonymous said...

i saw it twice...it didnt improve.

this is kelsey by the way.

Stefanie said...

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad movie!!! I was horrified from the very beginning - why did they show Edward feeding? And I have many more complaints, but I won't list them all here because that would take too long.

Catherine Hardwicke had a really good starting point with the book, but I don't even think she read it. Many of the scenes were out of order and therefore didn't make sense. When Bella said she was irrevocably in love with Edward I turned and looked at you, Megan, and asked why? They hadn't spent anytime together whatsoever at that point.

Hardwicke never got into the fact that Edward is very protective of Bella and never wants her to become a vampire. This is crucial.

The book is really good and Catherine Hardwicke wasted a great opportunity to make a really good movie. Shame on her. The movie wasn't even that watchable. People, read the book. If you think you like movie Edward, just wait until you get to know book Edward...you'll faint from the intensity of it.

I was done, but I wanted to echo that the sparkle sound effect was embarrassingly stupid!