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Supernatural: Season 2

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Season 2 of Supernatural involves the Winchester brothers dealing with the stark reality of facing hunting after the death of their father, the man that pushed them into this life path. As if that tragedy weren’t enough John left Dean with instructions to beware of Sam – the yellow eyed demon has plans for Sam and all the children like him with psychic abilities. As Sam & Dean deal with Sam’s ever growing abilities they discover kids all across the nation that are developing powers like Sam and it becomes more and more important for them to get the Colt back and kill the yellow eyed demon before he can bring his master plan to fruition.

This season of the show is absolutely pivotal in the evolution of the next seasons of Supernatural, it sets up the way the Winchester’s deal with death, Sam’s slow descent into darkness, Dean’s aggravation with the world he was forced into & the coming demon war that completely overtakes the next three seasons of the show. This is a show that has taken time and much effort to logically place all of the characters and plot lines into a radically ordered sequence so tightly wound that if one even were changed the entire series would come crumbling down. I give Kripke all kinds of kudos for giving us a show this complex and entertaining.

I have to say that as much as I love every character on this show Dean Winchester is one of my absolute favorite characters in the history of television. He is a completely rounded, quick thinking, womanizing, funny and unique character – the character that hits first and asks questions later is something that very few writers develop much but Dean is an exception to that rule. Also, if I’m being honest he’s the old school, macho man most women do secretly have a fantasy about, so that doesn’t hurt my appreciation of Dean either.

The character season 2 really brings into the foray is Bobby, something I am incredibly thankful for. Bobby is an old family friend and veteran hunter who becomes the surrogate father to Sam & Dean after John’s death. Not only does Bobby kick demon butt, but he has some of the best placed one-liners in the show and always manages to come through with the solution the Winchester boys have never heard of.

What is most surprising about Supernatural is actually the sense of humor that runs through the show. This is a show that is populated with a sense of humor without abusing it, they know they are a horror show (as their name would imply) but they have developed a style of their own that lets them work wit and comedy into their characters without compromising the overall flow or concept of each episode and season. That is an act that should be commended.

I had never seen most of season 2 until I broke out my DVD’s and I am very glad I did. I was not fully aware how much season 2 played into the rest of the show until I finished the last episode.

Creator: Eric Kripke
Dean Winchester: Jensen Ackles
Sam Winchester: Jared Padalecki
Bobby: Jim Beaver

Dean: Croatoan?
Sam: Yeah. Roanoke... lost colony... ring a bell? Dean, did you pay any attention in history class?
Dean: Yeah. Shot heard 'round the world, how bills become laws...
Sam: That's not school; that's schoolhouse rock!

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