Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Star Trek

I learned something new about Star Trek, something that probably explains part of why I enjoy the visuals of the film so much and why for a sci-fi film it looks so grounded in reality. JJ & crew push to do as much of the film as they could practical & on location. This film was shot all over California, out of sound stages as much as possible, in Paramount’s B-Tank, and simply put using old Hollywood techniques. There were shots that JJ knew they’d have to do CGI because they couldn’t build that grand a set, so instead he built some half scale sets and used children as doubles for some shots. These are tricks the classical directors used to use, tricks that still stand up in a computerized world if you watch their films today.

It’s gutsy to go into a space adventure and say that you want to find locations to shoot in. I am sure more than a few people gasped in shock and surprise. But in the end I think Star Trek looks like a better film for it.

Scotty: This would be like tryin' a' hit a large bullet wi' a smaller bullet, wearin' a blindfold, while ridin' a horse.


Christina said...

This is so what Lucas needed for I, II, and III. Would have saved the films visually (not the scripts, sadly).

Adam said...

What did you think was wrong with the visuals? I think Lucas is a decent director from a visual perspective, but it's his work (or lack thereof) with actors that really bombs. I really wish he'd given a treatment of each script to another writer and let him/her write a decent script.

Megan said...

I agree his writing/acting left much to be desired. At the time his visuals didn't bother me too much, but as I've grown in my filmmaking skills I wish he'd done a few more practical/location things. I think it helps keep you grounded in reality and constantly reminds you what the audience will believe and what it won't.

I also hate the look now of total CGI - I can spot it a mile away and that is all over the prequals.

Peter Wagenet said...

Though I have little evidence to back it up, I wonder if filming for full-CGI makes it harder for actors to act well. Though I'd imagine that a skilled actor could pull if off, it must be harder to be the character when you're in such a fake environment. Does anyone more knowledgeable than I, know of any full-CGI movies with excellent acting?

Megan said...

Well I think Avatar could be an interesting one in that category. But as far as films that are as CGI as the prequals nothing comes immediately to mind. I'll have to think about that one.

Big effect films like the LotR trilogy filmed on location, for Gangs of New York Scorses had onld NY rebuilt, the Pirates films were done on a mix of location, stage and CGI...hmmm.