Thursday, March 25, 2010

Supernatural: Season 3


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When I realized I wanted to direct, the intention was always for me to direct films not television. That being said, there is a very short list of television shows that I would love to be able to direct a few episodes of and Supernatural is firmly on that list.

I still stand that one of the greatest tragedies ever is that the WGA strike cut season three of Supernatural short. This season is a great season, but at only sixteen episodes there is a lot of threads left hanging, threads that are still playing into the show today. This is one of the best written shows on television and I want to know what the writers would have done with six more episodes.

One of the best things about season three is the episode Ghost Facers which was one of the first after the strike ended and it addressed issues in the strike – reality TV and the necessity of writers – all while pushing the greater plot of Dean’s impending death sentence and the brothers relationship further. The episode centers around Ed & Harry, terribly naive ghost hunters the brothers Winchester encountered in season one, who have now decided to create their own reality TV pilot and accidently drop in on a case the brothers are already working. The bulk of the episode is done as the completed pilot and we see the events unfold as if we were watching their show instead of Supernatural. It’s fantastic. The Ghost Facer’s themselves play into a wonderful joke in season four that I can only imagine was fun for the writers to create after this episode.

If you haven’t seen Supernatural I highly encourage you to start getting the DVD’s and seeing what you’ve missed.

Ed: We know you've had it hard during the crippling writer's strike.
Harry: Lazy fat cats!
Ed: Who needs writers when you've got guys like us?
Ghost Facers

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