Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blade Runner

There have been so many versions of Blade Runner throughout the years, that it’s hard to accept that the Final Cut is the final cut. I’ve seen so many of them it’s also hard to keep them straight in my head. What I can and will say about the Final Cut is that like all of the other cuts, it points out that Blade Runner is simply one of the best crafted films ever made.

That and I really want to steal Ridley Scott’s lighting to use in one of my own films. I was struck this viewing with how stunningly beautiful Blade Runner visually is. It’s no wonder this film has been an inspiration for so many filmmakers.


That Random Kid said...

At my school, we are doing Bladerunner and Frankenstein in a comparative study, and I saw this post. I liked it. :)
Is Final Cut the same as Director's Cut?

Megan said...

No, Final Cut was released about a year ago. it contains pieces of the directors cut and theatrical cut in what they claim is the definitive version.