Monday, September 15, 2008


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I watched this again over the weekend because my best friend really wanted to see it. The movie didn't get old for me. I will admit that it probably palys better to girls, but I think this is a fabulous, cute movie.

What I didn't even think about until my friend pointed it out is that there is absolutely nothing objectionable in this film; there is no swearing, no sex, no vulgarity - and yet it plays to adults. I do think that this film really does show that if you make a good movie it is worth watching, even if you're trying not to be flashy and controversial.

I also really love that this movie is set outside reality while somehow keeping "reality" totally in mind. It bends just enough so that there is no specific time or place this film is set in, but that we can believe this crazy mystical world does exist. This movie was brilliantly designed.

Duty Cop: Detailed description?
Jessica Wilhern: Brown hair. Brown eyes.
Jessica Wilhern: A unique... ly pleasant personality.
Franklin Wilhern: Think pig.
Duty Cop: So she's a fat girl?

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