Friday, September 12, 2008

Prey for Rock & Roll

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The most interesting thing about Prey for Rock & Roll is that it is a very gritty tale of the life of yet-to-be-successful rockers in LA – and they’re a chick band. This is a very independent film that most people have not heard of, thought it is at least worth watching once.

Prey for Rock & Roll follows the members of Clam Dandy who are all friends, all dedicated to their craft and all hoping that they can fall into their big break. The compelling thing about the story is that at one point or another all of these women admit that they are most likely never going to get that big break, yet that cannot give up because music is what makes them a complete human being. The film follows them through the ups and downs of their life in LA; one is addicted to drugs and needs to clean up, two are in a lesbian couple that deals with the complications of being a couple that lives and plays together, one is becomes a victim of rape, and the lead beings a relationship with the brother of a band member. The film is gritty, dirty and deals with female musicians in a way that I have not seen in another film; in fact I am not sure if there is another fictional film about female rockers out there.

What I greatly enjoy about this film is the frankness with which it deals with its characters and their issues. I don’t know if that frankness comes from the director or the writers, but it is refreshing to see the film deal with things like rape and drug addiction in the case of our female protagonists and not shy away from the emotional turmoil, stress and even the joy they take in their daily lives. These women are not glamorized, and nothing is glossed over because it is too dark or depressing. All of this lends to make very genuine, real female characters.

The music in the film is also a treat as the filmmakers had the actors learn and perform the songs. The actors actually toured through the country performing in an effort to make some publicity for the film. I think that this effort and dedication shows in the soundtrack and makes the entire film feel that much more real.

While I don’t think everyone will enjoy this film I do believe that it has a unique story to tell and unique characters to relay it and is well worth the watch.

Director: Alex Steyermark
Writers: Cheri Lovedog & Robin Whitehouse
Jacki: Gina Gershon
Tracy: Drea de Matteo
Faith: Lori Petty
Sally: Shelly Cole
Animal: Marc Blucas

Jacki: OK, two dykes, a wannabe rock star, and a tequila guzzling speed freak walk into a restaurant. I always imagined it would be a bit more, I don't know, glamorous. I mean we'd be in this big beautiful office, we'd sign on the dotted line, and we'd cut to band on stage, playing to thousands of adoring fans. Wow, I can't believe that my whole future is hanging in the balance at the Big Drip Cafe.

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