Saturday, March 14, 2009

BIll & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is perhaps best summed up by the movies tag line – “history is about to be rewritten by two guys who can’t spell”. In 1988 San Dimas Bill & Ted are trying to start their band Wyld Stallions and about to flunk out of high school unless they get an A+ on their oral history presentation; Rufus comes back from the future to set Bill and Ted on the path to an A+ to avoid their imminent separation (which would be disastrous for the future) and lends them a time machine to aid in their history report.

I love this movie. Perhaps the best thing about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is that they don’t pay attention to the traditional rules of time travel. These kids do anything and everything in time and by not being hindered by the rules we have collectively set on time travel the jokes and silliness play funnier and fresher than they could in any other time travel movie.

This is one movie where rules are out the window. If you expect any kind of logic or continuity to how things should logically happen you will be terribly confused. It is best to just sit back, relax and let Bill & Ted have their world and just enjoy the jokes as they come.

One thing that struck me as I watched this movie again is the fact that George Carlin is in it; Carlin died recently and honestly, I really enjoyed that man. While he does have a only a small part in the film I really think that no one else could make Rufus so memorable.

Go watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to catch a slice of the 1980’s that was pretty dang memorable and remember

San Dimas

High School

Football Rules!

Director: Stephen Herek
Writers: Chris Matheson & Ed Solomon
Ted: Keanu Reeves
Bill: Alex Winter
Rufus: George Carlin

Ted: Dude, are you sure we should be doing this?
Bill: Ted, you and I have witnessed many things, but nothing as bodacious as what just happened. Besides, we told ourselves to listen to this guy.
Ted: What if we were lying?
Bill: Why would we lie to ourselves?

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