Saturday, March 7, 2009

Buying the Cow

David is afraid of committing to his girlfriend of 5 years by marrying her; she goes to New York for work and he is left with the ultimatum of figuring out if he wants to get married or break up. This leads David onto his search for his soul mate – or at least figuring out if the soul mate concept exists.

I definitely watched this movie because it was a game of remote roulette. I was bored, I have many, many movie channels, and I had never heard of this movie – and it had Ryan Reynolds. So I stopped, started working on something else and watched Buying the Cow in the background. This is definitely a movie that should be viewed on TV – the commercial breaks and feeling glad that you didn’t pay for this movie definitely improves it.

The single best thing about this movie, and probably the reason I left it on is Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds is an actor that definitely deserves a lot more work and acclaim that he has gotten and watching movies like this definitely underscores this; in Buying the Cow Reynolds is a side character, but he definitely steals the show. Other than Reynolds, the movie is completely unmemorable.

Director: Walt Becker
Writers: Walt Becker & Peter W. Nelson
David: Jerry O’Connell
Sarah: Bridgette Wilson
Mike: Ryan Reynolds
Jonesy: Bill Bellamy
Amy: Alyssa Milano
Tyler: Ron Livingston

David Collins: You're the only people I've ever told.
Mike Hanson: Yeah, can you keep it that way? It makes you seem kind of creepy.

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