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Superman Doomsday

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Superman Doomsday is the straight to DVD release, animated adaptation of the Death of Superman series that made waves in the 1990’s in the DC universe. In it slowly, painfully Superman takes on an alien being who has been unleashed on Metroplois and Superman takes him on. He manages to defeat Doomsday, but in the process he is killed. The following weeks the world had to deal with the fact that their super man had died and how to cope.

While Superman Doomsday is an adequate representation of the comic book story arch, like all Superman projects to make it to film it is deeply flawed, and it’s flawed in ways that are entirely artificial – they weren’t in the comic book.

First, Lois is dating Superman. That’s right, not Clark Kent, but Superman. BY the time Doomsday rolled around Lois and Clark were engaged. The writers of the animated film wrote themselves into a corner – everyone knows Lois has a thing for Superman, by dati ng him and not Clark he has opened Lois up as a target and painted a huge red arrow over Clark’s head if he reveals his identity to her and they begin to date.

They don’t cover at all that the citizens of Metropolis take on the protection of the city themselves. Several upstanding people decide to try and make themselves like Supes. Even Brainiac gets in on the action. In Superman Doomsday only Lex counters by creating a Superman clone. However, this animated production does a lot better job than Smallville of handling Doomsday…and Superman in general.

Superman Doomsday is not a bad Superman project. However, if you are familiar with the Superman universe in the comics it may not be what you are looking for.

Superman: Adam Baldwin
Lois Lane: Anne heche
Lex Luthor: James Marsters
Martha Kent: Swoosie Kurtz

Grumpy Man: Yeah, like we really needed him to bust up the mechanical spider, right? Lame!

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