Friday, January 21, 2011

The Fighter

The fighter
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The Fighter isn’t just a boxing movie, it’s a story about two brothers. These two brothers love each other but their relationship is weighted and tainted by older brother Dickey’s past fame. The problem is Dickey lost his chance, and Micky can’t get out from Dickey’s shadow long enough for anyone to see his merit.

I saw this movie the morning of the Golden Globes, and I have to say I’m glad I did as it made my enjoyment of Christian Bale’s win even better. Bale disappears into every role he takes on, and has probably deserves accolades before, but I am glad he’s getting recognized for Dickey. However, no one in this cast is a slouch. From Melissa Leo to Mark Wahlberg the entire cast delivers.

This film will probably be up for many accolades this awards season and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Director: David O. Russell

Mickey Ward: I'm the one who's fighting. Not you, not you, and not you.

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