Friday, January 2, 2009

Iron Man

Iron Man
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I think it is fitting that I ended my 2008 and began my 2009 with Iron Man. I cannot make a resolution to watch this movie less because I think that it is a perfectly crafted piece of cinema and I can learn from it endlessly. Honestly, this along with The Usual Suspects goes on the list of movies that I want to do a shot-by-shot shot list of so I can study how they are constructed.

One of my favorite little flourishes in this movie is Jarvis, Tony Starks “home computer” who is voiced by none other than the phenomenal Paul Bettany. This piece of hardware has its own personality and while is nowhere near as cool as Michael Caine’s Alfred, Jarvis is a close second. Jarvis is a cheeky machine who very nearly talks back to Stark and definitely likes to remind Stark of his rash decisions and past mistakes. If bodiless character were not imbued with the personality and voice of Paul Bettany it might be an annoying character instead of a great little piece of witty banter and comic relief when needed.

I’ll try not to watch this movie again for at least a few weeks but no promises. When you enjoy a movie so thoroughly you can’t help but to keep watching it.

Tony Stark: A little ostentatious, don't you think?
Jarvis: What was I thinking? You're usually so discreet.
Tony Stark: Tell you what. Throw a little hotrod red in there.
Jarvis: Yes, that should help you keep a low profile.

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Stefanie said...

Love this movie, love it! There are so many great quotes in it. Here's one that hits home for me:

Tony Stark: Hmmm. Your eyes are red. Tears for your long lost boss?
Pepper Pott: Tears of joy, maybe. I hate job hunting.
Tony Stark: Yeah, well, vacation's over.

I don't like job hunting either!

Also I concur that Paul Bettany plays a great Jarvis. He's very cheeky!