Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

Rachel Getting Married is a beautiful film, having seen it twice now I have to say that I do think it is probably one of the single best films that came out in 2008. From the camera work to the lead actresses there is a deceptive simpleness about this film. This is by no means a film that is loosely constructed though the cinema verite style might try to imply that. This film is constructed in such a way that it draws you inside the life of this tragic family in such a way that it truly feels like you are in the room with them listening to their battles, their pitfalls and finally their epiphanies.

Perhaps the most real thing about this film is that this is a family that struggles. They fight over things in the past both big and small and they are trying to come to terms with how to exist as a family now. It is real, it is unique and it is so well crafted that you forget you are watching fiction.

I pity the people that go into Rachel Getting Married and Revolutionary Road thinking that they are films that will be light hearted and romantic in the end; the people that go in expecting that will miss the true relevance and brilliance of these films.

Kym: I am Shiva the destroyer, your harbinger of doom this evening.

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