Friday, January 2, 2009

Tropic Thunder

I know I said I was going to break my streak of watching Robert Downey Jr. movies, and I intended to watch more non-Downey movies than just one, but on New Year's Eve my best friend and I had a movie marathon and we ended up (at her suggesting and my lack of argument) watching three Downey movies. I swear I will watch more than one next time that doesn't have Downey in it.

I don’t think I will stop laughing at Tropic Thunder ever. This movie truly is one of the single funniest movies I have ever seen. I know I have a love of movies about movies and Robert Downey Jr., but I think even without that I would adore this movie – from the moment the film starts it has me in stitches over Booty Sweat, Scorcher, Satan’s Alley & Fatties and it doesn’t stop when the real story begins. Tropic Thunder is full of little surprises that just get better every time you see them.

I grew up idolizing Tom Cruise and his turn as Les Grossman a in charge studio executive has me more than hopeful that Tom is headed back to be the happy-go-lucky good guy & talented actor that he is and not the crazy nut bag in the media that he’s become. From the moment Les Grossman asks for the Key Grip to his offer to Peck Tom plays an egotistical studio head perfectly and goes toe to toe nearly stealing the show from the boys. That is quite a feat as Stiller, Downey & Black are each amazing and hysterical characters all on their own.

This movie will get watched many, many times by me. I am exceedingly happy both Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. have been recognized for their performances in this movie which is sure to become a cherished cinematic gem.

Les Grossman: Which one of you f--kfaces is Damien Cockburn?
Damien Cockburn: Uh, that's me, sir. It's an honor to finally meet you. Get some face time.
Les Grossman: And who here is the key grip? You? You! Hit that director in the face, really f--king hard!

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Stefanie said...

It was hilarious! RDJr was fantastic. Where did he get that voice?

But I think Tom Cruise was my favorite part; it was so surprising and unexpected. The dancing!