Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Lookout

Chris Pratt was the golden child in high school; one night when showing off for his girlfriend and two friends he causes a horific car crash that changes his life. Several years later Chris is dealing with the brain damage he suffered, unable to form short term memories and instead of living the high powered life his upper class family lives he works as a night janitor at a local bank and lives with his blind friend Lewis. Chris is bitter about the life he lost, a fact that former classmate Gary Spargo uncovers and exploits as he convinces Chris to assist in the plot to rob the bank where Chris works.

The Lookout is Scott Frank’s directorial debut, and I have to say that I want him to make another film. From the initial tragedy that occurs on screen you are hooked on the world and the care-free narcissistic character that is Chris Pratt. The world he is around changes into a dark, angry and dangerous one coolly and quickly and Frank handles it with the finesse of a director that knows exactly what he’s saying and completely understands his world. Frank makes the audience as deeply tied to this world as Pratt, Spargo and Lewis.

I must also share my love of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. While I had the obligatory teen crush on him when he was on Third Rock from the Sun I have to say he disappeared from my radar until he blew in with a rush of greatness with Brick. Since Brendan, Gordon-Levitt has continued to embody amazing characters in equally unique and amazing films and Chris Pratt is one of the best. Gordon-Levitt is a very talented actor, and I can’t wait to see what stories his career takes him to.

Director & Writer: Scott Frank
Chris Pratt: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Lewis: Jeff Daniels
Gary Spargo: Matthew Goode
Luvlee: Isla Fisher

Gary Spargo: My old man used to say to me, probably the only thing we ever really agreed on, was that whoever has the money has the power. You might wanna jot that down in your book. It's something you're gonna need to remember.

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