Thursday, September 24, 2009

Star Trek

James T. Kirk
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Proudly I can say that I have seen Star Trek in Imax twice. I saw it that way opening day (Thursday at Seven PM) and when Paramount made a deal with Imax to have a special rerelease of Trek in Imax this month I had to go.

I can still say I love this movie. Also, the more I see this the more I am certain that Chris Pine is the perfect replacement for William Shatner as James Kirk. I love Shatner and his Kirk is a character that I liked as a kid (growing up in a Trekkie home) and have grown to love since I began to rewatch the original films. Pine has the perfect blend of wit, charisma and cockiness to make Kirk the character we remember from Shatner and yet change it to be his own. Pine gave up a role in the eternally cursed production of White Jazz to take on Star Trek and I hope that he is very glad he did.

JJ Abrams is set to produce the next Trek installment; but I hope that he decides to step back into the directing chair at least once more for this series. In the end, camera flares or no camera flares, Star Trek is a great film and his approach helped make it so.

Kirk: You know, traveling through time, changing history... that's cheating.
Spock: A trick I learned from an old friend.

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