Saturday, February 21, 2009

Someone Like You

Someone Like You is the story of Jane Goodale. She gets her heart broken when she dates a coworker and becomes utterly depressed, depressed enough to become obsessed with figuring out why men leave women and invents a pseudonym that allows her to write about her theory – new cow. However, during Jane’s depression she becomes close to coworker and womanizer Eddie and doesn’t realize that perhaps, not every man is as bad as she makes him out to be.

I have to say that this movie is slow and doesn’t really do anything…really, it’s kind of meandering and boring. I love Ashley Judd but her character is not all that compelling, and the world of day time television they exist in is bland and far too normal. However, this movie lives and breathes on the shoulders of Hugh Jackman – he makes Someone Like You worth watching, and really is why I own this movie. Any scene with Jackman is a scene worth watching, and his charisma rockets off the screen. This is a film that was out long before Jackman was a household name for anything other than X-men and it proves why he has gone all the way to being voted the sexiest man alive.

Directir: Tony Goldwyn
Writer: Elizabeth Chandler
Jane Goodale: Ashley Judd
Ray Brown: Greg Kinnear
Eddie Alden: Hugh Jackman
Liz: Marisa Tomei
Diane Roberts: Ellen Barkin

Jane: What is on your neck?
Eddie: I bit myself shaving.

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LittleDreamer said...

I concur. I didn't really like this movie, but Jackman is the true star here.